Monday, September 17, 2007

I only do this until I get dizzy &

then I lay down on my back &

watch the clouds, she said.

It sounds simple but

you won’t believe how many people

forget the second part.1

Dear Kajijis (or Kajiji Girls-to-be),

I hope your summer was lazily refreshing, wildly fun and/or a little bit of both. Now that school has started, and there’s a chill in the air reminding us that Fall is almost here, our calendars have already started filling up very quickly. It’s very easy for us to start “spinning out of control” and forgetting priorities; namely our faith, family and friends. With all the “to-do lists”, extracurricular activities, church events, volunteer opportunities, and work schedules, let’s just take a look-see at your calendar and find the blocked out squares of Time Off, Fun Days, or Play Time for YOU!

Come join a group of mothers just like you who have busy lives, energetic children and the need for some downtime. Play hooky one morning a week, and come fellowship with other moms who share your dreams, frustrations, and day-to-day experiences. Every week we gather together to share laughs, concerns, opinions, food and life in general. Every week brings a discussion about various topics affecting our life – from finances to sex to self-esteem to parenting. And though I would encourage you to put Kajiji Girls on your calendar each week, I want to stress that this group is for you and your children’s enjoyment, not just another burdensome scheduled activity that ends up on your to-do list. We provide a very casual, “drop-in”/come when you want, relaxing environment. Everyone is invited so feel free to bring other moms who are looking for some refreshing, friendly, playful downtime where children are always welcome. So as the world spins around us, let’s take a moment, catch our breath and remember to lay down and watch the clouds!

Join us starting on

Friday, September 28th

from around 10am – Noon

Erin’s Home 2

Refreshments, Coffee & Tea provided.

Check out our online blog at

where you can read about us, peruse past postings and feel welcomed to join us.


1. From StoryPeople by Brian Andreas
2. If you would like to join us and need directions, please feel free to email me, and I'll send them right off to you!

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