About This Blog

Kajiji Girls started with a desire for the stay-at-home moms in our local community to have a place to gather each week for great, thought-provoking topics of conversation as well as building a network of and support system for all local moms.  So why have an online blog?  Simply because Kajiji Girls has expanded beyond our local community and now includes many moms from across the country and across the globe.  Since you can't sit with us every Friday morning and have a cup 'o joe with us, we still want to welcome you into our inner circle and include you in our conversations along with some of the things we've been exploring and learning individually and discussing collectively .  If you like our site, consider becoming a "follower" and/or "subscribe to" posts so you can be updated on all new postings (both features can be found down on the right-hand side of the site).  Postings are submitted by various members of Kajiji Girls.  The blog is maintained by Crystal who is also privileged to consider herself  a Kajiji Girl as well as the founder of KGs.
And please, please, please make use of our comments section - we love to hear from our readers!!

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