Monday, August 11, 2008

Kajijis is Healthy for You!

Ok, so a friend of mine forwarded this link to me from I loved the message and wanted to post it here for all of you to see - so enjoy our socialization on Friday mornings guilt-free! Just think...we're actually making each other smarter. :-)

Coffee Talk: It’s Good for Your Brain

Want a fun and easy way to power up your brain? Have a chat over coffee, tea, or even warm milk.

The key here is the chat, not your choice of beverage. Even if they’re brief, occasional bouts of social interaction can help sharpen your wits.

Keep Chatting for Better Thinking
Whether you engage in conversation with a friend, a family member, or the guy behind you in the express line, keep talking. In a recent study of young adults, a mere 10 minutes of face-to-face conversation about a social issue was enough to boost working memory and mental processing speeds. Chitchat was as good as a crossword puzzle, in terms of brain benefits. In fact, the more people socialize, the better their brainpower -- regardless of age. (For a quick way to boost your social network, join the RealAge Community.)

Mental Aerobics
Conversation requires us to pay attention, remember what was said, deduce the other person’s meaning, and come up with appropriate responses -- some pretty serious mental gymnastics. And when it comes to mental muscle, it’s use it or lose it. Here’s another fun way to make your mind do somersaults.

Bonus: Socializing can improve your mood, too.
RealAge Benefit: Visiting friends during times when they are stressed can make your RealAge 8 years younger.

References Published on 08/12/2008.
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