Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Over 2 Million Red Envelopes!!!

Read an article about the results of this year's
Red Envelope Project and how it became
"larger than most White House mailing movements in the last 35 years"!

Were you able to get any red envelopes out on March 15th? I was fortunate my husband finally found some for me to prepare and mail out. I ended up using my printer to print out the White House address and the pro-life message on the envelopes. Because the printing job was a bigger pain than expected, I ended up with three blank red envelopes left. Not wanting any to go to waste, I chose to hand write one envelope and then gave the other two to my husband and daughter to hand write. My husband later commented to me, "I'm really glad you made me do that. Handwriting it made it seem more real for me, much more personal and brought home why we were doing this in the first place." As you can see in the picture, we then added a sticker of a newborn baby on each envelope and mailed them.

Scanning the news online a day or two later, I had a hard time finding any mention of the mass mailing. I thought there would be some blip somewhere about it, but nothing that I could find. Finally Red Envelope Project (which is now being called The LIFE Envelope Project) alerted me to an article written by World Net Daily (above). The Red Envelope Day has already started plans for another mass mailing next year on January 22, 2010. So if you missed this year's opportunity, you can join in on it again next year. Every voice counts as we stand up for those with no voices.


Message from Christ Ott, founder of the Red Envelope Day movment

Dear Friends:

Thank you for your feedback and your help in sending red envelopes to the White House. Because of this grassroots effort, 2.25 million empty red envelopes were put in the mail on Tuesday, March 31. This number does not include those sent before or those sent after. Although we may never hear about how the President responded to this effort, I know that this movement has been a success. Here are a few examples:

The director of one of the largest Pro-Life organizations in the country told me that the red envelope movement has done more to unite and encourage Pro-Life organizations than anything he has seen in his experience. Thousands of young people, including many children, learned about the value of life, and their right and responsibility to speak to elected officials.
Churches from across the denominational spectrum joined hands in prayer and action.
Hundreds of women who have suffered because of an abortion were given a voice.
The faith of thousands was encouraged as they saw God provide funds for envelopes and stamps. Several organizations printed envelopes, and all of them report that they needed to continue to order more.

So what’s next for this movement?

It is important to continue to be LIFE focused. Two great ways are through education and action. I recommend contacting the Life Issues Institute at info@lifeissues.org. I also strongly recommend the work of Bound4LIFE under the direction of Matt Lockhart at contact@bound4life.com.

And most important of all, pray. Pray that God brings more creative, witty, unusual ideas to promote life. From the pro-abortion emails I have received, it is clear that there isn’t much creativity in their movement. With God’s help, we can win in the realm of ideas.

I will be returning to my main mission in the coming days. For the past year I have been laying the ground work for a center of prayer in Boston, Massachusetts. My mission is to create an interdenominational prayer center that will contend for the spiritual heritage of our nation. In addition to this, I am partnering with a group committed to obtaining the Northfield School, founded by Dwight L. Moody. Northfield was once a center for the Student Volunteer Movement, a movement of young people who committed themselves to foreign missions. The goal is to create ministry base that will care for orphans, be a training center, and be a center for prayer.

If you would like to know more about this, please send a reply to this email with “YES, I WANT TO KNOW MORE” in the subject.

Brian Potter is going to continue with the red envelope idea and he does this with my blessings. If you sent an email though the Redenvelopeday.com site, Brian will be contacting you with future events related to the red envelope project.

Thanks so much.


Christ Otto

Christ Otto, founder
of the Red Envelope Project
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