Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Bible

There's a new television series coming to the History channel next March called The Bible, appropriately named since it features stories from Creation to Revelation.  I'm not sure if it will be completely accurate (tho theologians and "experts" are consulted throughout) or worth watching all ten hours of it, but I'm pretty excited whenever I see someone tackling a project like this.  It's much too rare finding the opportunity to visually see the Bible played out, and in an age of visual entertainment, it's nice to offer my children a chance to learn more about the classic Bible stories in a different way.

During the Christmas season, it's always a good reminder for me when I watch Christmas movies, see a clip about the nativity story or watch an inspirational music video during the holidays because it's what I need more of during this time of shopping, baking, making lists, wrapping and decorating.  It injects the reality and purpose back into the days around Christmas, and I need that desperately.  Watch this video and see what I mean. And yes, I cried through the whole thing. (But I ask you, what mother can stand to listen to "Mary, Did You Know?" without crying?)

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