Sunday, September 21, 2008


I don't know if you've heard the buzz about this new movie coming out called Fireproof. Made by the creators of Facing the Giants and starring Kirk Cameron (who since "Growing Pains" has become very involved in evangelical Christian ministry), it looks very promising. Christian leaders are encouraging others to go and see this movie thereby giving support to movies with good morals and uplifting messages. Jimmy Evans from Marriage Today writes this:

Fireproof is an inspirational story about a fireman, Kirk Cameron, who is fighting to save his own marriage. As he accepts a challenge from his father and embarks on a forty-day “love dare,” his eyes are opened to his own shortcomings, and his marriage is miraculously healed.

Every couple will benefit from seeing this movie. You also might know of another couple who needs to see Fireproof. Be sure to tell your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family about this exciting movie. Who knows? You might just save a marriage!

I know all of us have grieved at times over the number of immoral and violent movies coming out that glorify evil and mock biblical morality. We need to understand that it is purely an economic issue. When movie producers know people will pay to see a particular type of movie, they make more of them.

Aside from the help to our own marriages, we need to support Fireproof to help the makers of this movie profit and also to send a message to Hollywood that other moviemakers need to follow suit. Only the Lord knows how many marriages and families have been destroyed by unrighteous movies. Maybe this can be the beginning of a new era of filmmaking that actually builds families and encourages couples to make their marriages work.

Now I don't usually promote movies, TV shows or other entertainment on this blog, but I would be remiss in not letting you know about this opportunity to support something good coming out of Hollywood as well as the opportunity it presents to potentially help a marriage, be it yours or a friend of yours. Check out the trailer and pencil in a date night with your husband or a night out with your friends. And let me know what you think!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Welcome to a New Season of Kajiji Girls!

Dear Kajijis (or Kajiji Girls-to-be),

Now that school has started, Fall is in the air, and our calendars already full of notes and scribbles, I want to remind you to remember to block out some time for yourself – yes, you! It’s very easy for us to start spinning out of control and forgetting priorities; namely our faith, family and friends. With all the “to-do lists”, extracurricular activities, church events, volunteer opportunities, and work schedules, let’s just take a look-see at your calendar and find the blocked out squares of Time Off, Fun Days, or Play Time for YOU!

Come join a group of mothers just like you who have busy lives, energetic children and the need for some downtime. Play hooky one morning a week, and come fellowship with other moms who share your dreams, frustrations, and day-to-day experiences. Every week we gather together to share laughs, concerns, opinions, food and life in general. Every week brings a discussion about various topics affecting our life – from finances to sex to self-esteem to parenting. And though I would encourage you to put Kajiji Girls on your calendar each week, I want to stress that this group is for you and your children’s enjoyment, not just another burdensome scheduled activity that ends up on your to-do list. We provide a very casual, “drop-in”/come-when-you-want, relaxed environment. Everyone is invited so feel free to bring other moms who are looking for some refreshing, friendly, playful downtime where children are always welcome.

This season, we have some cool new ideas such as having a once monthly series on subjects such as budgeting, photography, green cleaning, love & logic techniques, and more. It should be a lot of fun while gaining some knowledge together! And if you can’t physically join us due to scheduling or geographical distance, you can still be a part of Kajiji Girls by visiting our online blog where you can read about us, peruse past postings and even have the opportunity to become a blog author and write a posting (please email me if interested in this). There are also some new additions to the blog such as the chance to subscribe so you can be alerted anytime there’s a new posting. You can also become a “Follower” of our blog – essentially letting us know you’re a fan of the KG blog. We love to see who’s peeking in on and enjoying our blog! If you are local and looking for some “you time”, please consider joining us on Friday mornings from 10am-Noon.

Join us starting on

Friday, October 3rd

from around 10am – Noon

Crystal’s Home

Refreshments, Coffee & Tea provided.

Hope to see you here, and until then, have a great couple of weeks!

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