About Us

Do you enjoy getting together with women of many different backgrounds? Do you enjoy discussing various topics of interest relating to your daily life? Do you have an interest in deepening your spiritual life with other sisters-in-Christ? Do you need an excuse to get out of your miserable house with the dirty dishes, piles of laundry, annoying TV blaring the voice of Barney (or insert your least favorite children’s television character here), the mind-numbing boredom of reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar for the 86th time and the sound of your brain cells dying from having no conversational speech patterns resembling those of an adults?

Then come to our fabulously fun Friday gatherings! 
Be fulfilled. Get recharged. And maybe get a moment’s peace and a little sanity... along with a cup of coffee.

Every week we gather together to share laughs, concerns, opinions, food and life in general. Every week brings a discussion about various topics affecting our life – from finances to sex to self-esteem to parenting. We’ve discussed and debated many things, and we look forward to many more conversations with you as a part of our group (whether participating online or in our weekly gatherings). If you’re looking for “not-just-another” playgroup but a real spiritually-refreshing, mentally-challenging, emotionally-supportive Mom’s group, then come by and check us out. Since forming in early 2006*, our group has been constantly evolving, but our foundational ideals have stayed the same. We recognize the innate need in each one of us for spiritual and emotional support from a community of women. There is a purpose to our socialization and a spiritual component to our group. We all have ideas and questions about family life, faith, love, friendships, etc., and the ability to share insights and thoughts with other women is what builds intimacy in our community.

*Feel free to read the introductory letter that started it all.
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